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How this tool works

About KiwiSaver funds

One of the best things about KiwiSaver is that you can choose the fund that works best for you, and the KiwiSaver fund finder allows you to compare the many funds out there. By KiwiSaver fund we mean an investment fund within a KiwiSaver scheme where your money is invested by professional fund managers in assets such as shares or bonds. 

About the fund type questions

The KiwiSaver fund finder sorts funds into five types and includes a short questionnaire to help you work out which type to look at. The three questions to help you find the right type of fund for you are based on two things: how much time you have before you start spending your KiwiSaver money, and your attitude towards risk.

  • If you answer 0–3 years, you go into defensive or conservative, depending on how you answer the second two questions.
  • If you answer 4–9 years, you go into defensive, conservative or balanced, depending on how you answer the second two questions.
  • If you answer 10 years or more, you go into defensive, conservative, balanced, growth or aggressive, depending on how you answer the second two questions.

This means that no one, even a risk lover, is directed into anything riskier than conservative for less than 3 years, or anything riskier than balanced for less than 10 years.

About the data

The KiwiSaver fund finder is based on fund data from KiwiSaver providers. By law, most providers are required to publish data for each of their funds and make it publicly available on their websites. Sorted takes the data, checks for anything irregular and displays it in the fund finder so Kiwis can make comparisons.

  • If there are any questions about the data, the tool will simply display ‘Not enough data’, and Sorted will let the provider know.
  • Some data may not be available for some time. For example, each fund is compared based on a five-year return, but some KiwiSaver funds have not yet been in existence for five years. In these cases, the fund finder can only display ‘Not enough data’.

About the service ratings

Information in the tool about the services that KiwiSaver providers offer is based on their responses to a survey. The survey measures how many different features each provider offers its KiwiSaver members, such as calculators, call centres or help with investment decisions. So this rating is more about the quantity than the quality of services.

  • The survey responses were collected and weighted (not all services being equal), which formed the basis for the percentages shown in the tool. 

About the averages

The tool computes averages for fees, services and returns for each of the five groups of funds (defensive, conservative, balanced, growth or aggressive), allowing you to make quick comparisons as to whether a fund is above or below average. If you choose to look at ‘all funds’, the averages will be based on all the funds in the tool.


The key assumption made in this tool is that KiwiSaver providers have accurately disclosed data for each of their KiwiSaver funds, as well as for the services and communications that they offer.